Founded in 2003 by Kelly Berg, Story & Space is a boutique design firm in Marin, CA offering specialized design services with an emphasis on color, environmental psychology and storytelling. As an interior designer, color expert and writer Kelly has a unique perspective on color and design. "It's Your Space. Tell Your Story" is her design mantra. With each and every project she encourages her clients to discover and embrace their own personal style. This has lead to a uniquely diversified - and colorful - portfolio. "I often hear from new clients that they want to work with me because of my use of color. It's the biggest compliment." 

Kelly earned her BA in Communication from the University of California, San Diego and her BFA in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego. She formally studied applied color psychology through the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC-NA), and continues her independent color and design research on a daily basis. With over 15 years of design experience, Kelly has become a go-to color and design authority for online and print publications including Better Homes and Gardens and Woman's Day. 

As a new homeowner in Marin, Kelly is putting her design skills to the ultimate test by fixing up her own 1950s home. She also enjoys frequent visits to her home town of Napa for family, wine and inspiration. 


The Story of Story & Space

In 1999 I found myself working in a dismal grey cubical in Silicon Valley at a job that I hated. It was the height of the dot-com boom and money was flowing. I should have been happy but I knew there was something more for me to do in this life. And I knew I needed to find a more creative career, not to mention a more colorful work environment. So, I quit my job and headed to San Diego to study interior design. Three years later I graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Interior Design and began my design career.

I haven't followed a conventional path; my first "design" job took me to Los Angeles where I worked as a creative assistant for lifestyle personality Susie Coelho. In that position I dove headfirst into styling, set decorating, and writing and worked with many well known companies such as eBay, HGTV and Pottery Barn. In 2003 I went out on my own and founded Arte Styling. As a freelance stylist, I had the pleasure of working on photo shoots with celebrities, a short film, and had a two-year stint with a local TV cooking show.

Eventually I began focusing more and more on Interior Design projects, and found myself feeling extremely rewarded. I was making a difference in how my clients felt. Every day. What's better than that? In 2008 I developed a nagging desire to understand color. To really understand it. That's when I discovered the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers and became obsessed with color psychology. The seminars laid the foundation for my specialization in color and showed me that there was no way I would ever fully understand color. Not in this lifetime. But I know quite a bit, and it has become one of my biggest passions. Around the same time I also became immensely fascinated with environmental psychology and the meaning of space. I have been absorbed by these topics and have recognized that this is also something I will never fully understand. But, like with color, this passion is unwavering.  

In 2012 I realized that the name Arte Styling was no longer an accurate representation of my business. I had outgrown it. And so Story & Space was born. With my "new" business comes new responsibilities. As a designer I am dedicated to helping my clients create spaces that tell their own authentic stories. Together, through color, furniture, floor plans, etc. we can make a home - or business - what it needs to be: an environment that elevates your day to day life experience and makes you feel truly "at home."