Grey - The Color of Experience?

Has anyone seen the latest "Just For Men" hair color commercial? It goes something like this:

Location: Corporate Office, Anywhere USA

High-Powered Female Corporate Interviewer
High-Powered Male Corporate Interviewer
Middle-aged Male Interviewee

The Male and Female Interviewers are looking to hire someone for a position. There are two male candidates sitting with their backs to us. One has grey hair, the other has rich chestnut brown hair.

The Female Interviewer points to the back of the head of the grey haired man and says something like, "We need his experience!"

The Male Interviewer points to the back of the chestnut haired man and says something like, "But we need his vitality!"

The camera angle then changes and we see the two men head-on. That's when we realize that they are not two different men, but actually the same man with two different hair colors. Magically, the two figures then join together to become the perfect job candidate - with the perfect hair color!

Of course, he's hired. He's used "Just For Men - A Touch of Grey" to "show your experience but not so much that it hides your vitality."

So, what do you think? Does a touch of grey show experience? Or does it just make someone look old? If someone has grey hair does it change our perception of them? Enough so that they would or wouldn't be hired for a job?

On the flip side, does someone who doesn't have any grey appear inexperienced and vital?

There's a similar commercial on YouTube, if you care to watch. I think it's even the same experienced yet vital actor!

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