The Welcome Wagon is Alive and Well

How amazing is this? A gift basket from our neighbors. Well, actually, from a few members of our neighborhood association. Yes, really. We have a neighborhood association. With meetings and ice cream socials and stuff.

It's oddly comforting and curious at the same time to receive a gift like this, just for being the new kids on the block. I remember the Welcome Wagon when I was a kid. Some lady came by our house in Napa and greeted us with a basket in the 80s. But I was pretty sure that kind of offering was a thing of the past.

Not here. The Welcome Wagon spirit is alive and well. (Though a quick search on Wikipedia tells me that the company was bought by a media group out of Florida in 2009 and now "markets" to new residents through mail, telemarketing and online. I wonder how welcoming those telemarket calls are.)

So far, we are feeling more than welcome in our new home. We have met more people in a few days than we ever met in the last 8 years. That in itself is a gift. Although the flip side, as a friend pointed out on facebook, was that it could get very "Wisteria Lane" and we could find ourselves the topic of juicy neighborhood gossip.

Oh well. I'll take it. Sounds like fun.

Have any of you ever received an amazing welcome gift from a neighbor? Do you make it a habit to introduce yourself to new neighbors and make them feel welcome? There is something contagious about it all. I am already feeling more social at home than I have in years.

Thank you, new neighbors!