What's Going On

Hello, everyone. I know there hasn't been a lot of blogging going on here lately, but I'm still here! This winter had me doing lots of thinking and re-prioritizing. I love writing and I love sharing but I'm trying to figure out how to avoid the Big Blogger Burnout. For me, ironically, that means not blogging for chunks of time. It means stepping back and looking at the world through a different lens. It means not putting a ton of pressure on myself to keep up with posts, but rather post when I feel inspired. Lately I've been more inspired by pictures than words. But isn't a picture worth a thousand words anyway?

I definitely could - and will - write more on this topic...eventually. (There's a great post by Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind about this very issue which she calls "Slow Blogging.") But for now I will leave you with photos of what's been going on. And a promise that I am still here and that I have lots of new ideas for Story & Space. They may not be implemented at a lightning fast pace but sometimes slow is good.

Right now I'm loving spring.

...and sharing photos on Instagram.

My dad made these! Gorgeous, huh?

Using the app PhotoCollage for portfolio pics.

I like to find beauty in the strange.

Rachel Perls and I are working on a little something together.

And I've been hiking here a lot.

I'm also learning to play the ukulele.

And working on the house, which we affectionately call Rosie. Here's a partial shot of the living room.

Finally hoping to finish painting the living room.
See the pretty line where I stopped when my newly developed tendinitis kicked in?

And I'm turning the weird old half bath into a vanity.

Got a new shower curtain for the bathroom.

And, or course, I keep working with clients on the stories of their own homes.

Color palette from this week's Eichler consultation.

Exterior color consultation. Can't wait to see this one painted!

And it seems appropriate to end this post with a quote on time. I'll see you all later! (But is later really later if time is an illusion? Oh man - it's going to be a long day.)

“Time is an illusion.” 
― Albert Einstein