Dramm Outdoor Tools: A Rainbow of Colors for the Garden

As an interior designer and color specialist I am always impressed with companies that take a utilitarian object and turn it into something special. While researching for my most recent article in Marin Home Magazine, I discovered Dramm garden products and instantly fell in love!

Dramm was founded in the 1940s in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by a florist named John G. Dramm. (You can read all about the full history on their website.) They have a ton of products for both commercial and residential customers. Of course, the products that are most interesting to me are the ones that come in an array of rainbow hues. I was curious how these particular colors made the cut. Fortunately, Jessica from Advertising/PR was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. And now I can share them with you!

{K} How long have you been working "in color"? 

{J} Dramm actually started using color in the 90s. We realized that most people buying lawn and garden products were women. So we focused on developing products made for women which is why we strive for a high quality products that feel comfortable in your hand while still being stylish. 

{K} Why was your particular palette used? 

{J} We love color to express our personality. As for the choice of the colors, we simply chose the colors of the rainbow! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple (Berry). They are classic, bright. 

{K} What colors sell the most? 

{J} The most popular color is Berry.

...even though our main target is women, men do love the colors, as well. Interesting enough, most men will choose a color that represents their college colors or favorite sports team. 

{K} I also noticed your colorful crates on your Facebook page. Great branding!

{J} Oh aren't the colorful crates fun?  Our production manager actual came up with the idea of painting them Dramm colors. It is actually very helpful at shows as well since we can easily find our crates now.

And here are my very own Dramm products in use.  I went for the Red Colorstorm Premium Rubber Hose and Compact Shearers in Yellow. They work great and look even better! Such a stylish, cheery alternative to typical garden tools that come in dingy greys and greens. I don't think I'll ever go back!

Check out Dramm in Oprah and Country Living! And be sure to "like" them on Facebook - you just might win your own hose through one of their contests! 

Note: Story & Space has not been compensated for this post. I simply love the product and wanted to share. I did receive product to review, but that was upon my request after I contacted them for more info.