Home is Love. Love is Home.

This week I began Martha Beck's Write Into Light online writing course. Yesterday I worked on my first class assignment. We did something called a "soul dig" - an exercise to pull out nuggets of truth from ourselves. After the "soul dig" this is what emerged:

In the dark, the heart carries us home. 

This little nugget felt so true to me. I hope it does to you, too. I almost settled on this single line for my assignment, but thought it would be interesting to carry it a little further into a poem.

Home is Love. Love is Home.

Home is in the heart
Burning hot as any fire.
A glow of apricots and sunshine
The source of all desire.

This is the light, the truth,
Where darkness cannot hide.
The core of being human
Connecting soul and mind.

Fear cannot exist
Within this firey glow.
So when you fall into the dark
Know the heart will carry you home.

What I found so fascinating with this writing assignment was that, despite the fact that I wasn't consciously trying to write about The Home You Love, I came right to it. Right into it. It's been a bit of a struggle for me lately to give my attention to this project due to health issues and the seemingly never-ending cycle of grief and loss, and I've been questioning if it's really what I'm meant to do. But here I am. Finding my way back to something that needs me. And that I need.

I'm trusting my heart to carry me home.

And, yes, I mean the literal home- the space we live -  as well as the spiritual home within ourselves. Because it's all connected.