I Am With You


I Am With You

Oh, beautiful soul

With your delicate buds of grief

Your dreams will show themselves again.

When your sanity begins to slip out of reach

Listen to your spirit call you.

Be cradled by the trees

Let your roots dig deeper into the earth.

This storm is big, I know

And there may be another.

In fact, there will be another.

But, dear soul, you are connected now

In a way you’ve never been.

To Earth, to Trust, to your very Self.

As you patiently wait for the pain to pass

You will find that it never really does.

But you will learn to welcome it.

To hold it. To dance with it.

And you will learn that it is love, too.

Let your heart crack open and apart

And crumble into jagged little shards.

But take a closer look, dear soul.

Are those really jagged shards?

Or are they tender seedlings

Ready to be planted and woven back into your very being?

Your leaves will shed again and again

And you will feel lonely and bare.

Be willing to let it all go.

You are brave enough to stand in nothing.

The seasons live within you.

This is what you can trust more than anything.

When the skies darken and the moon shifts

When the coolness kisses the air

When the sun takes its last breath


Stand in it.

All of it.


And when you are ready

Let your feathers be lifted by the breeze.

Become a weightless creature

If only for one guiltless moment. 

You’ve journeyed hard, sweet soul.

It’s okay to rest now.