Poetry \\ The Key


The wind was neither polite
Nor forgiving today
As it slammed against
My questioning forehead
Asking me more questions
That only the Sun
Seemed wise enough to answer

If you could have a key
To anything
What would you unlock first?

Joy whispered, “Me! Pick me!”

Dreams placed a crown
Of hand-picked wildflowers
Upon my head
Pronouncing me royalty

Love sighed and gave me
The Look
That would melt
Polar ice caps
Into sapphire rose petals

Freedom hoisted me
Onto his strong shoulders
And eagerly shared a sneak preview
Through the cloudless sky

Grace hummed softly
As she placed
Promises on my heart

Mastery wickedly leaned in
For a kiss
Daring me to

When Truth came
She opened her doors
And arms
Beyond the glow
Of the Sun
And invited everyone in
For a prayer

She asked for nothing
In return

I looked toward the Sun
For a ray of approval
And handed her the key