It's YOur Space. Tell YOur Story.

When I first started working as a designer I was often asked "What style of design do you do?" This question always made me uncomfortable. I was never really sure how to answer it. And I wondered what sort of answer people were looking for. High-end? French Country? Minimalist? I just couldn't put myself in a box like that and often found myself struggling for words, feeling like I was completely inadequate at selling myself as a skilled and experienced design professional. I probably lost a lot of would-be clients in the early days of my career by not telling them what they expected to hear. But how was I supposed to describe my work? 

This struggle led me to think about my design services in a different way. It wasn't a particular style that was my focus - it was the client. And my passion was in creating unique environments for each individual, family and business that I worked with. It was then that I began to understand that my "style" was not a style at all, but rather a philosophy. 

Design is a personal process. A journey. The spaces we create have a profound affect on how we experience life. Whether at home or work - or even traveling - our environments are an active part of everything we do and everything we feel. We may not have control over much of the built environment, but we do have the ability to design our own spaces. We have the freedom to express ourselves and to create beauty and comfort. Relaxation and joy. Love and safety. We have the ability to welcome guests into our homes, workplaces, shops and restaurants. We have the ability to create our own styles. Our own designs. To tell our own stories. 

My job as a designer is to help guide you through the design journey. To help you find your way to your own style. To help you tell your story in your space. It doesn't matter what my style is. What matters is that I understand you and your needs and help you create a space that speaks to you, your guests, or your clients in your most authentic voice. 

It's your space. Tell your story.