Jewelry Wall Art Project

Who stores their jewelry in something like this?
I did, until I decided I was tired of not knowing what jewelry I even owned. By having it all crammed into this jewelry box, I never could find what I needed when I needed it. And every once in awhile, when it was time to re-organize my little treasures, I'd always be surprised to find something that I had completely forgotten about. That's the problem with these sorts of boxes.

The other problem is that I have started to collect vintage jewelry that is just too beautiful to hide away in an box. Inspired by my friend Valerie, who has a lovely jewelry line which I blogged about a few months back (Introducing...Nettie & Val's Jewelry Line) I decided to ditch this ugly thing and put my jewels on display. 
Part of Valerie's personal jewelry collection.
If you need a better solution for your jewelry, too here's a step-by-step guide to my Jewelry Wall Art Project.

Items needed:
1 Canvas
Paint (Optional) 
Scrapbook paper
Spray Mount
Double-stick tape

Here's a canvas I've had laying around for a looooooong time. It was painted green ages ago. This particular canvas is a 36" x 36", but any size would work. It really depends on how much jewelry you want to hang.
I also had this scrapbook paper on hand. Kind of weird, because I don't scrapbook. But I thought it was pretty so I bought it, figuring it would come in handy at some point. These particular sheets are about 12" x 12". I used a variety of different patterns in the same color family. Some were from the same package, but I mixed in a few sheets from other paper sets. You could certainly use all the same paper, or even cover with wallpaper scraps.

Once I had my canvas and paper selected, I played around with a few ways to layout the paper. I opted for a symmetrical patchwork pattern.
I then taped the edges of the backside of each sheet of paper with double-stick tape, and sprayed the rest of the surface area with spray mount. (You gotta move quick with this stuff! Definitely know where each piece of paper is going before you commit to the spray.)
After I finished with my gluing, it was time to figure out where my hooks would go. Before I even started with the hooks, I laid my necklaces down to figure out how much space I would need between each hook. Each necklace has a different shape and different visual weight depending on its color and material, and I wanted to make sure the overall look would be balanced. 
For my jewelry hanging hooks, the perfect solution was Command™Damage-Free Hooks. These things are amazing!!! They come in different finished and sizes, so you really have a great range of options stylistically. I opted for the Antique Bronze finish to work with the metals I already have in the bedroom. I hardly need to explain how they work, because they are completely dummy-proof, but basically you just peel paper of a self-adhesive strip, stick it on the hook, peel another piece of paper off the adhesive and stick to your this case, the paper covered canvas. I used a total of 14 hooks in both the medium and small sizes.'s the final product!

I'm loving my new jewelry display. Only problem? It doesn't hold everything. Guess I'll have to make another one...

(Got great ideas for Command™ hooks? They are currently hosting a contest on their Facebook page. You can win $500 and a flip camera!! You bet I'm entering! Who couldn't use $500???)

If you are ready to eliminate fear from your color and design decisions please call me at 650.867.3896, or shoot me an email at to discuss your project.