California Paints Color Challenge (And a little color forecasting test)

Back in November, I entered a contest put together by California Paints. The contest was called "Color Challenge" and was a call "to the professional interior design community to determine the featured colors for our 2011 color card series."

Each designer could enter up to 10 three-color palettes using California Paints' hues. Five palettes for interior schemes, and five palettes for exterior schemes. I went ahead and submitted all 10 schemes thinking I would increase my chances. Well, it must have worked because last week I was contacted by California Paints and was informed that the company would be using four of my color schemes in their color cards, coming out this spring. There will also be an online "Designer Selection Gallery" featuring the winners of the contest along with further information about their selected palettes.

I decided to give you a sneak peek of my color palettes, and also provide you with a little color challenge of your own. Below are the 10 palettes I submitted. (You might notice that I named these palettes after places in California. I was trying to bring some more "California" into California Paints, because, ironically enough, you can't actually buy California Paints in the state of California. I was assured by the Marketing Director in Massachusetts that they are currently working on a westward expansion.)

Anyway, here are the palettes. See if you can guess which four color schemes were chosen for winners! (Hint: three are exterior; one is interior.) On Thursday I'll post the four palettes that will be featured in California Paints 2011 Color Cards. 

(Please note that these are photos of color cards, therefore the colors aren't 100% accurate representations of the actual paint colors.)

The Golden Gate
Crystal Cove 
Monterey Coast
Old Hollywood
Redwood Forests
California Sunset
Stormy Beaches
Napa Valley Wine Country 
San Diego Beaches
Old California Mission

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