Bedroom Makeover: A Few Small Changes Create a Brand New Look

Last spring, my bedroom underwent a bit of a makeover. It took about a year, but after a very painful deliberation process, I landed on its new wall color - Sherwin Williams' Fleeting Green.

Well, the bedroom now has received a mini-makeover.  Though the paint color remains the same, a few tweaks in the accessory department awarded me a brand new look. 

I could tell you that this makeover happened over the weekend, but I'd be lying. It's been a gradual process, starting with the introduction of this amazing dresser that my dad built last October.

Then we had new hardwood floors installed, one of the more positive outcomes of a burst kitchen pipe.

I picked up a few new bed linens a couple of months ago, including the crazy, furry green throw which has acquired the nickname "The Magic Woobie" due to its incredible healing powers. (It's amazing how a soft, cuddly throw can somehow make you feel better on really crappy days.)

I also gave the table lamps a little love with some green pom-pom trim and a few squeezes of fabric glue. 
I scored this green velvet upholstered bench at a recent estate sale for $30. Let's just say I was pretty excited that day. Major shopper's high.

Here's the before and after. 

Now, there was nothing really wrong with the before. I still adore the turquoise and yellow color combination and might go back to it at some point. But sometimes we need a change. Sometimes before and afters aren't about what's better and what's worse. Sometimes a before and after merely reflects the evolution of a space as we move through our lives. So for now, I will make a conscious choice not to judge and compare and analyze every little detail and just enjoy the space that it is today, knowing that when I'm meant to evolve it will evolve right along with me. 

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