Crafty 3M Command Project #2: Memory Party Game with Vintage Postcards

For my second project using 3M Command hooks, I designed a wall mounted "Memory Party Game." I used to LOVE this matching game as a kid. Here's the version I remember playing:
I adore the artwork! I think I'll have to buy myself a set on Etsy or something.

For my project, I wanted to make something a little larger in scale so it truly could be a party game. I also thought by bringing it to the wall, instead of playing on the floor or a table top, the game would be more out of the way, and could also be left up after the party is over as a funky piece of artwork.

Wall Before
Wall After

Want to make a Memory Party Game yourself? It's easy. Here's how:

Memory Party Game with 3M Command Hooks

I began with some vintage postcards that I picked up at guessed sale. I made two copies of each postcard and trimmed them to equal sizing.

Because I made copies, the back side of each postcard was just a boring old white. I picked up some crafty scrapbooking supplies at Michael's to jazz them up. 

 Then I adhered 20 hooks to the wall in a grid pattern.

I clipped each postcard with a curtain clip and hung them on the wall.

Here's the backside of all the cards. This is how you would begin the game...

And here's the front side, after all the cards are turned over.

And here's my instructional video where you get to see me in live-action mode!

(Disclosure:  I worked with Command Brand by 3M on this project. They kindly supplied me with the necessary Command products as well as monetary compensation for my work. I am not in partnership with Command Brand by 3M nor am I any sort of official spokesperson for their products. However, I genuinely am a big fan of the damage free hooks and highly recommend them for many applications.)