October Skies

Wow. Can't believe it's Friday already. How did that happen? And we are more than halfway through October.

We've had some crazy weather here in the bay area this month. The first week of October brought some hail and much cooler temps, but we've also been speckled with some very hot days. This weekend is supposed to get into the high 80s again. Can you say schizophrenic?

There have also been some amazing sites in our October skies. We just had a full moon. Did any of you catch it? So bright and magical. And Jupiter is fully visible this month...it is just beautiful. You don't have to stay up too late or get up too early to see it. Apparently you can even view its four moons with even the most basic telescope. And if you decide to stay up late (or get up early) you can also see Mars...and Mercury, Venus and Saturn will make a stronger appearance in November. (Check out Earth Sky for more info.)

Along with all this fantastic solar activity we have been blessed with some amazing sunsets. The colors have been glorious. Here's a few pics I snapped the other night. I am always fascinated by how quickly the colors change, and just how vibrant they are. These sunsets are a testament that, contrary to much of what we hear, "earth" and "sky" colors are anything but "soft and soothing." Just look at that fiery pink in the last shot.

Chronology of a Sunset
Photos © Kelly Berg, 2011
Have you seen any amazing skies lately? If so, please feel free to share photos on my facebook page. We'd love to see them!

Happy Friday.