Bedroom Makeover - New Home, New Look (Old Stuff)

We moved into our new home about six months ago...and that's how long it's taken me to get this place in order. It probably would've taken longer, except I had a major incentive - a photo shoot at the house! My amazingly talented photographer friend,Vanessa Stump, was here a few days ago to take some shots of me for my new website (more on that later.) Let me tell you - there's nothing like scheduling a photo shoot in your own house to kick yourself into high-voltage decorating gear. I certainly didn't want to take pictures against piles of laundry and half-painted walls, so I spent the better half of January painting, shopping and styling. 

Here's a before. (See? Big mess. It's embarrassing to share this.)

And here's a couple of shots of the bedroom from the old house. (I blogged about this transformation here and here.)

Bedroom: Version 1
Bedroom: Version 2
Bedroom: Version 3
What's changed?

1) Wall color.

The new wall color is Benjamin Moore's Embroidered Flower from the Color Stories full spectrum line. I was originally thinking of painting the walls a blue-green, but we decided we already had enough cool blue-green hues in the house, and it was time for a change. It was a little bit of a challenge finding a color that would work with the existing headboard, bedding, nightstands, lamps and green dresser, but once I landed on this deep pink, I knew it would work. And I'm loving it. It's like sleeping inside a giant geranium.

2) Sheets

I found the awesome pink sheets AFTER the room was painted. I swear. Kate Spade sheets at Marshall's. On clearance. $25 for a queen set. Definitely a case of being at the right place and the right time.

3) Throw pillows

I added two throw pillows. Both the pink and green pillows are from Ross. I think they were $10 a piece.

4) Actual room

This room is not the same physical space as the first two shots. I know it looks the same but it's not. Sometimes when people move they feel like they have to change all their furniture and decor to "go with the house." I say, give paint a shot first. And invest in a few new accessories. Sometimes it's just a matter of tweaking a couple of things. I didn't love the way our bedding and furniture looked against the previously yellow walls. Now I do. Maybe even more than versions 1 and 2! 

5) Styling on nightstand

The lamp is the same, the other styling items are a little different. But, with the exception of the fresh flowers, I used items I already had. There's a million other ways I could have styled the nightstand. This is just the one I landed on for this particular shoot. 

Moral of the story?

Rooms can be transported from home to home. They may need a little customizing along the way. You might need to edit, you might need to re-style. But don't assume that just because you move you need to buy all new stuff. Sometimes the old stuff works just fine. 

If you've recently moved and are struggling with color and design decisions please call me at 650.867.3896 or shoot me an email at to discuss your project.