Napa Guest Room Color Makeover

Here's one of my latest color consulting gigs - my parents' guest room! 

This is the how the room looked for a long time, before I got my hands on it. 

Then, about 5 years ago, my parents gladly donated the use of the room for a magazine project I was hired for. See those crazy striped drapes? I made them with iron-on fabric tape and grosgrain ribbon.   We had a full-on photo shoot at the house, but the story got killed and never went to print. I was pretty bummed, but looking at it now, I'm not surprised!!

The wall color at the time was Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore. It was very lovely. So lovely that I was surprised when my mom asked me to help her select a new color.  It was time to repaint - there was some wear and tear - and she wanted something a little more saturated. We have added so much more saturated color throughout the house since this room was first painted that the color was feeling very pale in comparison. 

So, I reached for the Benjamin Moore Color Stories deck, which I have been having lots of success with, and landed on a slightly deeper, slightly greener blue - St. John Blue. It turned out great, and was just the change they were looking for.

Now what can we do about a headboard? I think I've just discovered a new project for my dad. 

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