The Bull


When my client’s artwork arrived with a few dings in the frame, I had the opportunity to snatch this piece up for my own home. 🐮 

The blank wall above the dining table (which I am NOT showing you because it’s an IKEA just-gonna-use-this-for-a-few-years-now-we’ve-had-it-for-15-years-table) is its new home. 

I wonder about this bull’s life every time I gaze into its soulful eyes. Where was this photo taken? Was the animal killed? Was it on a sanctuary? Did it know love? Or only fear? 

Also, being vegan, I’ve wondered if it’s weird to have in my house, and especially in my dining area. If I don’t know if this animal was exploited or not, is it still ok to have in my home?

I’ve landed on this: it is ok. It’s more than ok. I am honoring the animal now. His beauty. His  strength. His spirit. When I look at him, I see all animals. He reminds me that we are all connected. And he’s a daily reminder of my pledge to continue to honor and respect all creatures in the best ways I know how, for the rest of my days here on earth. 

So thank you, Bull. And bless your spirit, wherever you are. 

(artwork: Trowbridge Gallery; photo Ben Woods)