"Holy, &@#%. We Just Painted Our Room Purple!"

Over the weekend I received this email from a client and it was so awesome I just had to share. It made me laugh, mostly because there is so much truth to it. How many of you have had a freak-out moment when the first coat of paint went up?

But it's also a testament to the power of fearlessness. Lose the fear, gain the love.

"Hi, Kelly,  
Just wanted to write a quick note to properly thank you for your color consultation. At least now I know for sure that the THANKS are truly in order since we finally painted and we are thrilled with the transformation!  
We're still bringing lighting and furniture back into the rooms. I have to say, the Benjamin Moore Riverbank color gave me a sleepless night when the painters had completed the first coat and left the white tarps covering the floors. I came home from work and stared at it and thought, "Holy, &@#%. We just painted our room purple!" I went upstairs and hid in our bedroom and reassured myself that when the floors, furniture and lighting came back into the equation, it would look a lot different. And it completely did! We love the richness.  
Thank you for guiding us to the colors that make our house feel more like our home!"

Congratulations to my clients for being brave! And may their story inspire others to take a colorful leap of faith.