Vintage Trays as Wall Art

I haven't done a ton of decorating in the new house yet. Mostly because I'm taking a little time to figure out some "hows". How do we use the space? How does the light hit each room at different points of the day? How do we want each room to feel? How do we want this home to be different than the last? How do we want it to be the same? How much of of furniture and decor do we keep? How much do we replace? (Old Ikea dining table, I'm talking to you!)

While I focus on these "hows", however, we continue to live in a house full of flat white walls. The chalky kind that show each fingerprint and were painted so hastily that we constantly find bits of scotch tape and other interesting decorative elements stuck into them. And it's starting to drive me crazy.

To tide me over until we paint (funny how long it takes to give myself a proper color consultation), I did a quick art installation the other day. I collect vintage trays at estate sales. They didn't have a proper place in the home yet, and are quite colorful, so up they went! I arranged them on the floor first and then stuck them to the wall with Command damage-free picture hanging strips. They are like velcro, basically, and work perfectly for things that you don't want to impale with a screw or nail. 

And it's really as simple as that. 

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