Marin Home Magazine: Color: The Essential Element of a Great Space

Once again, I'm honored to be part of Marin Home Magazine. The latest issue is online ready for your viewing pleasure. And, guess what I'm talking about?!? Color!

A little teaser:

The color of your walls is the most critical component of your room’s color scheme. Wall color will almost single-handedly determine the mood of a space. Therefore, a good place to start when selecting color is to ask yourself what mood you want to create. How do you want your space to feel? Masculine and intellectual? Lean towards smoky blues and grays. Flirty and feminine? Pinks and pale turquoise might do the trick. It may take a little practice matching moods with colors, but if you get stuck you can always enlist the services of a color consultant. 

Head on over to

Marin Home Magazine

to learn more about how to use color to create a great space! And if you need help with your colors, you know who to call. ;) Number? 650.867.3896. There. I made it easy. I also like email.