How I Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Color

I talk a lot about the fear of color. I believe it is the single most important issue we all must battle when selecting colors for our homes. Even I find myself coming up against fears in my own home design, and many of these fears are the exact same as my clients. Will the color be too strong? Will I make the space feel too dark? What will the neighbors think? Fortunately, I can usually talk myself out of these fears. It's not always easy, but it's well worth the extra time, effort and struggle.

Awhile back I was interviewed by Better Homes and Gardens about this very topic. I'm sharing my answer with you here because I think it's important stuff!

Q: How do you help homeowners overcome any fear of using color or pattern they may have?

A: I guide them towards what they truly love. Or, I try. Trusting yourself and your own color preferences is an integral part of the color selection process. However, fear is very, very powerful. Sometimes I have full-on counseling sessions with my clients! I try to help them see that in the world of color, there is no right and wrong. Because there really isn’t. We don’t select colors in a vacuum. Color is always relative, and, in the home, it is very personal. If I can help them see that their color selections are really about what THEY like as opposed to what’s right or wrong, then I know I’m guiding them out of their fear.

If you are struggling with color selections maybe all you need is to realize that you are not alone. Or maybe you need a little help. It's important to now that you can get help. It's out there. You just have to admit you need it and then call or email me. ;) I promise - I can help you overcome your fear.