Poetry \\ Auroral Night


It’s a falsehood
Of the mind
A broken gate
That doesn’t lock
A September
Without sun
A harvest moon
Drawn into dark

No sweet cherry
On the topping
Dried up pits
Are all we get
When we ask
The “proper” questions
Dutifully met

It’s a falsehood
Of the soul
To drink a
Full glass of compliance
A severed line
A stolen tale
The Great Belief
A hardened science

In hollowed hands
We carry the sun
Amidst the thorns
Sharp-edged and clear
Haunted echoes
Held in love
Auroral night
So bright, so near

This House

I float in the hammock

Feeling the air move through my toes. 

I listen to the soft chirps of the finches

And the cawing of the crows.


She’s old, this house. Not ancient, not in any sort of a grand historical way, but she’s lived things. She’s seen things. Things I will never know.

Her foundation is strong. She’s sturdy, even after all these years. Even after being unloved for so many, if not all, of them.

I love her, this house. Or rather, I’m learning to love her. She’s not perfect, you see. Not even close. She has aches and pains and some deep wounds from being unloved for so many years. 

I hope she knows it wasn’t her fault.

She’s not grand, architecturally speaking. She doesn’t have any particularly defining details. And her floor plan is quite pedestrian. I want her to know, though, that she can just be who she is. That being here - being my home - is enough.

That I will love her even when she breaks a little.

And that she really is magnificent in her own way. She doesn’t need to be anything other that what she already is to be loved. 

I feel her come alive more and more as she gets the love she’s been craving for so long.


The birds sing to her.

She’s wrapped in flowers now.

The sun sparkles its way through her new windows

And the walls glow in the golden hour.


She holds onto her old parts just enough to keep herself together until she is given new. She waits patiently, this sturdy girl, like she’s waited for many years. She waits like she’s just beginning to trust love for the first time. She waits like she knows she won’t have to hold onto her old parts much longer.

And I can feel her age becoming increasingly irrelevant. 


“Youth,” she says “is a merely state of mind.”


I watch the bees dance around the cucumber blossoms. 

The hearty hydrangea leaves flutter in the breeze.

The squirrels chase each other through the fruit trees, taunting each other with the peanuts I just tossed out to them for a snack. 

And I agree with her.


Beauty is being loved.

Beauty is being seen.


Does she love herself, this house? Does she even know what self-love is? 

“Yes,” she whispers “but I’ve forgotten how after being neglected for so long.” 


I tell her she’s not beautiful when…

She is beautiful now. 

She’s not loved when… 

She’s loved now. 


She listens. And little by little she comes alive with all of her inherent love and beauty. In this moment, I suddenly realize she is very, very wise. And that somehow, in me loving her, she has so much more to teach me. 

How to Create a Mood Board


The design process can get overwhelming - even the smaller projects. By creating a mood board, you are creating a reference you can return to again and again so you won’t lose sight of your intended design goals.


Hey, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Marin Home Magazine is out. My article, "In the Mood", has some great tips on how to create an inspirational mood board. Hope you'll pop on over and read the FREE digital edition on issuu! Lots of great stuff in there, including an article on Frank Lloyd Wright's Civic Center design. (I can see the gold spire from my backyard - cool, huh?)

I know I haven't posted for awhile, but I'm still here. :)  For those of you who have wondered whether or not I'm still taking on clients - yes, I am! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to talk to you about your upcoming color and design projects.

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Marin Home Magazine: Make the Most Of Your Space

Hello! How is everyone this beautiful Friday? The sun is shining here. The birds are chirping. And business is BUSY. It is definitely the season of home improvement.

I'm happy to share

my latest article

in Marin Home Magazine on space planning. The digital issue just came out on Tax Day (hopefully some of you are getting refunds???) and local peeps should see the print version in their mailboxes any day now. 

If you're struggling with space planning challenges - for a Great Room or any room -  this story's for you. So head on over and take a peek. There's lots of other good stuff in the magazine, too! And don't forget - I offer space planning as one of my design services. So if you need some help getting out of a layout rut, give me a call. I just might be able to help you see your space differently.

Marin Home Magazine: Color, Mood & Space

Marin Home Magazine has just launched their Fall 2013 issue. Please check it out - it's a good one! And it's where you'll find my latest article on color - "Color, Mood and Space." Give it a read and let me know what you think! 

"It’s important that we select our colors thoughtfully. Not fearfully, but with conscious intention to create a space that makes us feel how we want to feel."